Tamariskia Education

Tamariskia Education Centre hosted school delegations

The Tamariskia Education Centre was visited during the last May 2012 holidays by various educational institutions from across the country. It has become a norm for educational institutions visiting the coastal towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay to include the Rössing Foundation Tamariskia Education Centre as a must see on their program. This practice has necessitated such institutions to make two to three months advanced bookings due to the high demand of excursions visits to the Rössing Foundation Tamariskia Centres.

Recently, seven teachers from three schools in Otavi namely Khorab SS. Otavi Primary School and Shalom Primary School visited the Tamariskia Centre and were engaged by the Rössing Foundation (RF) Education Officers for Mathematics, Science and English Language for three consecutive days in the use of Laboratory equipment and experiments as well as Master Maths interactive teaching and learning methods and activities. In English, they were taken through the rudiments of essay writing, debating and grammar.

The Rössing Foundation's excellent Maths and Science Centres have attracted the attention of the Oshana Region's Education Directorate in accordance with the signed Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Education and The Rössing Foundation as partners in education development.

Below are some delegates that visited The Rössing Foundation Education Centre in Tamariskia in May 2012


From left to right:
Mr Epaphras Ndumbu, Mr Gerson Haseb Ms J. Shangheta Ms Lydiana Tuosous and Ms Hilde Shikale


From left to right:
Mr R. Munjanu, Ms Selma Kapweya both from Martin Luther High School,Mr David Ajayi Education Officer Rössing Foundation and Mr Saidu Garba Education Officer Rössing.