In order to ensure that school boards function effectively, the Rössing Foundation (in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and with the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund, through funding from the European Union) has been training school boards on how to efficiently manage schools to contribute to positive teaching and learning outcomes.

Funding is provided within the framework of the Social Accountability and School Governance Programme, which aim is to enhance grassroots level participation in school development and school management.

The training is designed to capacitate school boards, as representatives of the parents, as well as teachers and learners, to exercise their responsibilities in terms of school governance and to ensure that all stakeholders are accountable for what is happening in schools.

The aim of the 2018 programme was to:

  1. equip school board trainers with expertise enabling them to empower and skill school communities, and particularly school boards, on how to use social accountability tools and model systems to monitor school performance and improve monitoring and accountability in the education sector at local and regional level, and
  2. to support and monitor the school board trainers during the process of cascading the school board training down to school level.

In 2018, various training-of-trainers sessions were held with 67 participants from the Directorate of Education of both Omaheke and Hardap regions in the first round. A second round was attended by 94 school board members from ten schools. Representatives from Rössing Foundation and UNICEF attended the training sessions as observers and to provide support to the trainers.

In the Hardap Region, the school board training was conducted after the regional school board elections were concluded in June 2018 and covered all newly elected members. The training took place in different towns and villages of the Hardap Region, consisting of eight training groups.


Hardap Deputy Director of Programme Quality Assurance (PQA), Mrs Ernfriede Juliendina Stephanus, addressing school board members during the training in the Hardap Region.


A group of school board members at work during the training workshop.