School Holiday Support Programme


August 2019 School Holiday Support Programme

A total of 598 learners from different regions in Namibia attended the August 2019 school holiday classes at the Rössing Foundation Centres. These learners came from Kunene and Kavango West regions, some from schools in and around the Ondangwa Centre, while the rest came from Khomas Region. In addition, local schools in Swakopmund also benefitted from the holiday classes at the Tamariskia Centre.



Westside High School

Leaners from the Westside High School in Swakopmund attending holiday classes at the Tamariskia Centre.


Three schools, namely Westside High School, Okakarara Secondary School and Okanguati Combined School who attended holiday classes at the Tamariskia Centre, had an opportunity to visit the Telemetry Tracking and Command Station on the outskirts of Swakopmund where they were introduced to space technology and astronomy by two Chinese astronauts, Liu Yang and Chen Dong. Liu Yang is China’s first female astronaut to venture into space.

The first female Chinese astronaut, Liu Yang, flanked by Natumutange Uusiku held by his father, Lysias Uusiku of the Rössing Foundation.