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National Mobile Outreach Programme

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The Rössing Foundation’s Mobile Laboratory completed its third, highly successful year, visiting 11 different schools in four regions and providing support to rural schools in English, Mathematics and Science subjects. A total of 15,625 learners and 304 teachers were supported during 2018, an applaudable achievement.

The main purpose of the introduction of the Mobile Laboratory is to cater for schools that cannot easily access the Rössing Foundation’s education centres in Arandis, Ondangwa and Tamariskia due to their remote locations and the high costs of transport. As a result, teachers and learners in many rural schools miss out on the valuable opportunities offered by these programmes.

The Mobile Laboratory was initiated as a method to expand Rössing Foundation’s reach to outlying schools to support training programmes in English, Mathematics, and the Sciences. With sponsorship from Nedbank Namibia, a mobile unit was purchased and equipped with materials that supports teaching and learning of various subjects.

A team of Senior Education Officers from the Directorate of Education worked with the Rössing Foundation team and staff of the schools during the National Outreach programme in the different regions.

The cooperation and coordination has been planned in such a manner that it transferred knowledge and skills to the local ministerial teams for programme sustainability. In addition, support from the Directors of Education and Senior Education Officers of English, Mathematics and Sciences strengthened the implementation of plans during the support visits.

The teachers continued to show enthusiasm and shared contact details with the visiting teams to enable ongoing support. Further to that, management teams from different participating schools played a vital role in ensuring that planned activities were carried out in the schools.

Science experiment

Mr David Ajayi, Rössing Foundation’s education officer for the Sciences, demonstrating a Science experiment while the grade 10 Life Science class of the Alpha Combined School in Opuwo, Kunene Region listened attentively.

Education officers

Teachers and Rössing Foundation’s education officers during school support provided by the Mobile Laboratory to Opuwo schools in the Kunene Region.

Rossing Foundation

Rössing Foundation’s former Board Chairperson, Hon. Asser Kapere (fourth from left), Executive Director, Mr Job Tjiho (sixth from left), Outreach Programme Coordinator, Mr Fire Vatilifa (first from left), Kavango West Director of Education, MrsTeopolina Hamutumwa (fifth from left) and Kavango West Deputy Director of Programme Quality Assurance, Mrs Scholastic Hausiku (third from left) with the principals of Leevi Hakusembe Secondary School, Nkurenkuru Combined School and Siya Combined School during a Mobile Laboratory support review meeting.

Mathematics lesson

Mr Desmond Marongwe, Mathematics Education Officer, presenting a lesson to grade 12 learners during the Mobile Laboratory school support programme.

Collaboration with Stakeholders


The Ondangwa Centre benefited from volunteer tutors during the two weeks of holiday classes during the May school holidays. The voluntary assistance is mostly attributed to the good relationship between the Rössing Foundation centres and the professionals in the community.

The following professional volunteers provided services to the Rössing Foundation during the April/May 2018 school holiday:

Mrs Ndamona Vatilifa, who is a lecturer at the University of Namibia (Hifikepunye Pohamba Campus), supported learners in Mathematics on grade 12 Higher and Ordinary Level.

Ms Teopolina Kanime, a lecturer at Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), and Ms Magdalena Antonius, a holder of Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English, assisted with English at grades 10 and 12 levels.

Dr Adedamola Babajide Shobo, a lecturer at the University of Namibia (Hifikepunye Pohamba Campus) and Ms Noa Shikongeni, a Science Senior Advisory Teacher for Oshana Region, assisted with Physical Science on Higher and Ordinary Levels.

Mr E Chikede, a senior teacher from Oshikoto Region, assisted with Biology at grade 12 Higher Level.

The Tamariskia Centre was also supported by volunteers from Swakopmund in Mathematics, Science and English (Primary school phase). The volunteers were all graduates who used to be learners at Rössing Foundation centres during their school years and who decided to plough back after their tertiary training and graduation.

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