The Rössing Foundation


Fulfilling the aspirations of the pioneers and Rössing Uranium mine in Namibia.


executive director


Executive Director

In the 2019 Annual Report we are sharing with the entire nation, our partners and benefactors the services the Rössing Foundation has rendered to Namibian communities.

We are aware that all sectors in Namibia, including the public sector, were strained by the economic downturn during 2019. The economic woes also affected the broader operations of the Rössing Foundation, as many of the benefactors experienced financial challenges and could barely honour their corporate social responsibility commitments. The different Education Directorates were not able to financially honour the memoranda with Rössing Foundation that drive and guide the support to schools in the different regions of Namibia.

As much as the financial challenges were difficult to overcome, the Rössing Foundation continued its commitment to assisting the Government of the Republic of Namibia by contributing to improved primary and secondary education, the development of the workforce and assisting with the diversification of the economy. Further support was provided to small- and medium-scale enterprises, agriculture and the roll-out of the astronomy outreach programme as part of the Africa Millimetre Telescope initiative.

However, with little available in-house resources, as well as smart thinking from the Director of Kavango West Education Directorate, the Foundation was able to support one of the needy schools in that region.

We believe that the best way to have a long-lasting impact in the development of a nation is to have strategic partnerships with companies, organisations and individuals dedicated and serious committed to serve our communities, especially the most disadvantaged who otherwise would have been left out of development initiatives. Although the economy strained many corporates, some such as Nedbank, Tyre 2000 and the China National Nuclear Corporation Limited (CNNC) Rössing Uranium mine, still supported the Foundation to carry out its mandate.

The Rössing Foundation Board of Trustees and management will fail in their duties if recognition and a great thank you have not been poured to Rössing Uranium who established the Rössing Foundation and to continually providing financial and institutional support.

Furthermore, we wish to thank the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Nedbank, Tyre 2000, Social Security Commission, Peace Corps, UNICEF, US Embassy and Total Namibia who made it possible for the Foundation to reach out to rural communities and schools through the Mobile Laboratory.

As always, we welcome your feedback on our activities, as well as recommendations in areas that we might have missed. We also invite all possible benefactors and partners to join the Rössing Foundation in supporting the many Namibians who otherwise would not have had opportunities to improve their livelihood in realising their dreams.