The Rössing Foundation

Message: Executive Director

The Rössing Foundation has provided a long-standing example of how private companies such as Rössing Uranium can make a substantial difference in the country in which they operate, especially where it matters most: in educating the nation’s future leaders and in supporting people to make an economic contribution.

In our Annual Report, we share what the Rössing Foundation has accomplished over the past year to fulfil our commitment to assist the Government of Namibia in continuously improving primary and secondary education, to develop a local workforce and to assist with the diversification of our local economy through supporting small- and medium-scale enterprises.

Aristotle once said: “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” We strongly agree with this wisdom: if children are not taught good habits, they will grow up struggling, with a ripple effect on the nation as a whole.

In our humble way, the Rössing Foundation fosters good habits of learning, independent thinking, and innovation in Namibia’s youth through our centre-based and outreach programmes. The success achieved thus far would not have been possible without the positive working relationships we have established with our many stakeholders and partners, especially the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

In addition to our education-driven programmes, the Rössing Foundation continued with its community- and enterprise-development activities.

We welcome your feedback on our activities. We want to reiterate our invitation to all potential sponsors and partners to share with us ideas or projects that can make a positive impact on people’s lives. It is only through cooperative effort that we will make a difference to the future and to the livelihood of all Namibians.

Job Tjiho

Executive Director