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Welcome to all our stakeholders.



Rossing Foundation

Ms Clara Bohitile

Acting Chairperson of the Board of Trustees


The role that corporate businesses play in supporting communities through corporate social investment (CSI) activities cannot be underestimated. As corporates seek social licence to operate through their CSI programmes, so communities seek their involvement to improve their livelihoods. It’s an interdependence and beautiful symbiotic relationship that benefit both parties.

The partnership between CNNC Rössing Uranium and the Rössing Foundation is an outstanding example that companies and organisations can follow when looking at best practices for their CSI activities.

It is therefore with pride that I serve as the Acting Chairperson of the Rössing Foundation’s Board of Trustees. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved thus far in collaboration with CNNC Rössing Uranium and our many partners.

The 2019 Annual Report gives our benefactors and beneficiaries a clear overview of our ongoing activities in supporting education, enterprise development and communities during 2019.

The Rössing Foundation has established a solid reputation as a well-managed CSI vehicle and we are humble that in our small way, the Foundation has made — and continue to make — a real difference in the lives of Namibians.