Library Services

Library Services

The Library Services of the Rössing Foundation continued to provide literature and information to the communities in Arandis, Ondangwa and Swakopmund. The main purpose of the libraries is to ensure that learners, teachers and other community members have access to information and books, because better reading skills contribute to higher achievement at school and in general provide a broader base of knowledge.

The Rössing Foundation libraries are located in the vicinity of the communities they serve. Learners and other members of the communities of Arandis, Ondangwa and Swakopmund make use of the libraries on a daily basis.

The libraries displays materials based on monthly themes, provide information and assist learners with school projects, homework and research. They also provide photocopy and internet services to the community, teachers and learners.

library services

Summary of Library Services

  • Learners'Support

In 2017, the Tamariskia library recorded the highest learner patronage, while Arandis recorded the highest book circulations. The attendance by learners at all the libraries is very impressive; the number of teachers’ visits increased slightly.

All libraries were utilised beyond capacity as learners were preparing for the end of the year examinations.

A total of 127 learners were helped with homework and projects by providing them with resources such as computers, books, an atlas and dictionaries.

In addition, the Library Officers trained learners from the Smiley Kindergarten how to listen attentively and repeat things recited to them.

The Readathon week was celebrated during October 2017 at the Tamariskia Junior Library under the theme “Save Water”. Ms Ailly Namupala from the Uranium Institute was a guest speaker for the occasion and demonstrated reading skills for the learners. A total of 78 learners attended the reading presentation and enjoyed the activity.

  • Teachers’ Support

Thirteen teachers were assisted by librarians to conduct research; they were provided relevant books during their studies and preparation for the examinations.

  • Community Support

The Senior Librarian joined the Regional Evaluation School team in their visit to Evululuko Secondary School to assist the school principal and teachers come to terms with their working conditions and to identify the needs of the school.