Learner Based Support Programme

Learners’ Centre-Based Support Programme


The Rössing Foundation’s three Education Centres remain popular among learners. In addition to on-going support provided to learners from different schools in the English language, Mathematics and Science, many learners flocked to the Arandis and Tamariskia centres to prepare for examinations.

A monthly average of 539 learners attended English language classes at the Rössing Foundation’s Centres during 2017. The subjects covered included rules of grammar, writing skills, sentence construction, spelling and essay-writing, higher-level literature and vocabulary development.

English Language

On average 539 learners were supported in English language. The various aspects covered included sentence construction, spelling, essay writing and vocabulary developing strategies, which the learners found particularly interesting.

Examiners’ reports were also used to highlight common errors committed by candidates during external examinations. The learners who were supported have improved greatly in their ability to plan and write essays and to manage content.


A special two-day session was carried out by the Rössing Foundation Ondangwa team to support Okatana Secondary School in the Oshana Region. Challenging topics which were identifed by the teachers of Okatana Secondary School were adequately covered and enough practice questions, worksheets and handouts were distributed.

At the Tamariskia Centre, learners from EDUBLOX (an online tutor e-learning platform) and Mondesa Youth Opportunity (MYO), a Swakopmund-based non-proft trust which offers free intensive education intervention for students from underprivileged schools, continued to attend sessions regularly. In addition, the Africa Institutional Management Services (AIMS) students signed up with the Arandis Master Maths Programme.

Grades 5 and 6 learners of the Arandis Junior Primary School showed up in large numbers at the Arandis Centre and continued to attended classes regularly.

Learners of the Onawa Secondary School from Omusati Region were supported at the Tamariskia Centre in May and June during the school holiday.

All Junior Secondary grades attending Mathematics sessions continued to attend in big numbers and benefited maximally. For the first time, the Ondangwa Centre had supported 77 Junior Primary school learners from nearby schools during July 2017.

A monthly average of 948 learners attending the Master Math Programme were supported during 2017 at the three Centres of the Rössing Foundation. The topics covered included trigonometry, locus, function graphs, mensuration, sequences and series.

In total, 4,147 Junior Secondary learners benefited from the Rössing Foundation English, Mathematics and Science Programmes during the year under review.

It was decided that in future, where attendance challenges are experienced, more focus should be shifted to the Junior Secondary learners, as at this level a strong foundation is either built or strengthened.

Furthermore, according to reading tests done, the Grades 3 and 4 learners have improved their reading levels though they did not reach their age level.

Judging from their improvement, it is envisaged that their reading level will be on par with their age in the coming year.

The Sciences

At the Ondangwa Centre, Grades 10 and 12 learners were supported to prepare for examinations using past examination papers and examiner’s reports, while Grade 12 learners of Westside High School were similarly assisted in Physical Science.

A number of learners from various schools such as Atlantic, Westside High, Namib High and Jan Möhr Secondary Schools from Windhoek were supported at the Tamariskia Centre in the subjects of Biology and Life Science.

Thirty-one Grades 3 to 12 learners were also supported during the Omusati Regional Science Fair Competition while another 42 learners were supported at Etambo Combined School.

learner classes

2017 learners


Vacation classes

The purpose of the holiday classes is in principle to consolidate the progress made during the course of the year to prepare learners for the year-end examination. Vacation classes were conducted in all three Rössing Foundation Centres.

Holiday classes for learners in Grades 10 and 12 were conducted in Arandis and Tamariskia Centres for Kolin Foundation Senior Secondary School in Arandis, Ombombo Combined School in Opuwo and KJ Kapeua Combined School in Ovitoto.

holiday classes

In summary

  • A monthly average of 539 learners attended English language classes at the Rössing Foundation Centres during 2017. The classes covered rules of grammar aspects, writing skills, sentence construction, spelling and essay-writing, higher-level literature and vocabulary development.
  • An average of 25 learners were supported in the Biology examinations preparation, 110 were assisted in Physical Science using past examination papers while six learners were taken through higher-level papers, and through practical activities such as food testing and the use of photometers, as well as topics such as the biology of plants.
  • A monthly average of 948 learners attended the Master Math Programme during 2017 at the three Centres and covered topics such as trigonometry, locus, function graphs, mensuration, sequences and series.


  • Topics such as net ionic equations, quantum theory, momentum, stoichiometry, writing compound formula and balancing the equations were covered in Physical Science benefitting 110 Grade 12 learners at all the Centres.
  • The Ondangwa Centre’s Sciences programme received voluntary tutoring support for Grade 12 Physical Science learners from Mr Noah Shikongeni, a Senior Education Officer in Oshana Region. Ms Abia Shigwedha, a Biotechnology graduate, supported Biology and Life Science learners while Ms Teopolina Kanime, a lecturer at Namibia University of Science and Technology and Ms Meameno Nehehia, a lecturer at the University of Namibia, provided voluntary tutoring support in English language.

It is worth mentioning that on one occasion, a Biology teacher from Swakopmund Secondary School taught Biology classes at Rössing Foundation Tamariskia Centre; this is indeed a sign of a supportive relationship between the centre and local schools.