Value Recognised

The Rössing Foundation's value recognised

Two weeks ago, the Director of Oshana Regional Education Directorate, Dutte Shinyemba, urged all Science and Mathetatics teachers in the Oshana Region to arrange that their pupils make use of the modern facilities at the Rossing Foundation Centre in Ondangwa. Activities at these Centres include the Master Math Programme for learners, catering for and assisting the teachers in various aspects such as tests, worksheets, tutorials and short notes on different topics in Mathematics and Science. The Director expressed that, "We sincerely hope that the schools will utilize the facilities maximally to improve teaching and learning in the region." The Rössing Foundation has three Mathematics Centres in Tamariskia in Swakopmund, Arandis and Ondangwa. They are fully equipped with the Master Maths interactive programmes and offering a range of computer assisted mathematics courses, aimed at improving mathematics and science proficiency.