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Ondangwa Education Centre
The Rössing Foundation
Tel. +264 65 240259
Fax. +264 65 240508

Swakopmund Office:
Sinden Avenue
PO Box 1458, Swakopmund
Tel. +264 64 416500
Fax +264 64 416501

The Rössing Foundation
Executive director
360 Sam Nujoma Drive
Private Bag 13214, Windhoek
PO Box 20746, Windhoek
Tel. +264 61 211721
Fax +264 61 233637

Rössing Foundation would like to thank its stakeholders who make their work possible:
the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Arandis Town Council, Erongo Development Foundation, Peace Corps US,
ACS Namibia Project, Game Products Trust Fund, Social Security Commission, and the schools and communities
in the regions where it operates.