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Community Support Programme


Community Involvement Activities in Arandis

Architectural drawing of the envisaged amphitheatre in Arandis.

Eight Arandis-based entrepreneurs were supported in business development and counselling. Recordkeeping of income and expenses, including mixing personal and business finances, remain a challenge among the small- and micro entrepreneurs. During business site visits, it was evident that many Arandis entrepreneurs were struggling to keep their businesses afloat due to the economic climate in 2019. The SMEs were, however, determined to adopt new strategies that will help them to cope with the situation to ensure businesses sustainability.

The Rössing Foundation does not only work directly with SMEs, but also recognises that indirect help through community involvement is key to developing and maintaining a strong SME environment.

The Rössing Foundation team has been working closely with the Arandis Town Council on plans to renovate the amphitheatre in Arandis, as well as to re-establish an urban park in the town. Further suggestions were also made to turn the defunct swimming pool into a fountain park attraction.