Library services



Rössing Foundation libraries continued to serve learners, teachers and community members refers to as “Other” in the table on the next page.

In Ondangwa and Arandis, the libraries are managed in partnership with the Ministry of Education Arts and Culture (MEAC). All library staff in Ondangwa are provided by the MEAC, two in Arandis while the remaining three are Rössing Foundation employees.

In addition, the MEAC also provides materials within its means to complement the bigger part availed by the Foundation. As can be derived from the annual library table on the next page, the contribution by the Foundation to Namibian beneficiaries is enormous. The services provided to Arandis and Ondangwa would not have been possible and communities would have to travel either to Swakopmund in Erongo region or to Oshakati and Ongwediva in Oshana region for those services.

The Rössing Foundation libraries are strategically located close to the communities they serve. Learners and the general communities in Ondangwa, Swakopmund and Arandis make use of the libraries on a daily basis.

The attendance always exceeded the target whereby an actual attendance of 37,143 support visits was recorded as opposed to the annual target of 36,600. Many libraries users loaned and returned books and that is good indication of book circulation. The Arandis libraries have shown high numbers of books loaned and returned, indicating an improved reading culture in that community.

A survey on the utilisation of Rössing Foundation libraries was conducted to obtain library users’ views and perceptions. The results showed that the Rössing Foundation libraries are great resources to communities.

Namibia English Teachers Asso­ ciation (NETA) was supported by the Rössing Foundation by reviving the network. This support involved Senior Education Officers and focal teachers. The goal is for NETA to be fully operational in 2017 with the main aim being the amalgamation of all NETA affiliated so that we have one national organisation.

The Rössing Foundation also participated at the Namibia University of Science and Technology NUST Exhibition where university students and others could review and share different educational innovations and career ideas.


(Left) Learners utilise the Arandis libraries on a daily basis.

The table below shows the Rössing Foundation library overall statistics for 2016.