Learners centre-support programme

The Rössing Foundation Education Centres remain popular among learners. During 2016, the Centres in Arandis, Ondangwa and Tamariskia (Swakopmund) have supported a total of 5,731 learners in English, Mathematics and the Sciences. Learners were supported through different modes such as after­school and enrichment activities and holidays classes.

The learners received tutoring in theory, and were exposed to practical tutoring in English, the Sciences and Mathematics such as scientific experiments, debates, a computer-based Master Maths program to deepen their understanding of the subject and to improve their retention capacity of lessons learned at schools.

During the school holidays in May and August, grades 10 and 12 learners from Omusati, Erongo, Zambezi, Oshikoto, Ohangwena, Oshana and Kunene regions were supported for a full week at the Tamariskia and Ondangwa Education Centres through tutoring. The holidays classes entail tutoring in subject content support and revision in preparation for the end of year examinations. Learners were assessed formally to gauge their level of mastery of the contents covered. An average assessment attainment for grade 12 Higher Level learners was 3 while the grade 10 Ordinary Level learners attained an average score of 70 per cent.

The Foundation together the Mondesa Youth Opportunities organisation have supported learners through the ‘Spelling Bee’ competition held at Swakopmund Coastal High School.


(Above) Learners from the Zambezi Region conducted Science experiments at the Tamariskia Education Centre in Swakopmund.