Enterprise Development Support


(Above) Members of the cooperative utilising the Cutting and Polishing Workshop to enable them to maximise their potential profit on gemstones.








(Above) The Dreamland Garden continues to grow thanks for the dedicated care and management of Theresia Augusta (left) and Elizabeth Makina (right), chairperson of the project. A produce-washing room has been completed recently.


(Above) Whenzy Hunibes and Felix Kauseua, the new owners of W&F Cleaning Services that Rössing Foundation assisted to start a cleaning enterprise.

In 2016, the Rössing Foundation continued its outreach support programme to entrepreneurs in the Erongo region, working with established and emerging enterprises. A ten­year relationship with the Ûiba Ôas Small Scale Miners’ Cooperative continued with ongoing development support, including business and computer trainings for co­op members and leaders.

Additionally, the Foundation is supporting Ûiba Ôas in securing value addition machines through the Social Security Development Fund to equip the Cutting and Polishing Workshop and to train two members in its operation. Having the facility on site enables them to maximise their potential to turn a profit.

The cooperative was also supported by enhancing its marketing outreach resulting in regular Facebook and a website uibaoascrystal@blogspot.com updates. The Foundation also hosted and facilitated an off­site planning session for the co­operative management team to ensure the optimisation of gains in recent years for all members and the future of the organisation.





Dreamland Garden in Arandis is another long­time Rössing Foundation beneficiary. From 2013 to 2015, support from Namibia’s Social Security Commission Development Fund enabled the garden to expand substantially.

The Social Security Commission­ Development Fund (SSC/DF) and Rössing Foundation continue to support the small entrepreneurs to expand their business by providing counselling and advice on record keeping, long­term planning and business operations as the business grow and providing fresh, local produce in volume to grocers in Swakopmund and Karibib.

The produce­washing room funded by the SSC/DF has been completed and is already in use. The water that has been used to wash the vegetables is being collected and reused for gardening purposes building contract.

In addition, a dry, environmentally­friendly toilet facility was erected at Dreamland Garden.






The winter of 2016 saw the inauguration of a series of trainings offered to Arandis residents.

A six­week basic business course introduced subjects such as product development, bookkeeping to financing.

Ten beneficiaries received certificates through the programme (pictured below), and their scores on a quiz of essential business concepts increased to 41 per cent over the course of the training.

Given strong local interest, the Rössing Foundation also offered two four­week courses for entrepreneurs and others interested individuals in improving their English language skills.

Local Arandis residents had the opportunity to expand their vocabularies and enhance their communication skills in the official national language.

Topics covered included healthy nutrition, formal and informal greetings, and HIV/ AIDS prevention and care. Eighteen participants received certificates for their work.

During the year under review, the Rössing Foundation has supported over 20 Arandis micro enterprises with coaching, mentoring and business­plan development.







The Rössing Foundation continues rendering support to Erongo region micro enterprises through the Erongo Development Foundation (EDF).

In 2016, the EDF finalised plans for disbursement of a third round of loans to Erongo beneficiaries. That award process will commence during 2017.

This programme facilitates the acquisition of micro loans for very small enterprises in the Erongo Region that are unable to access loans from commercial banking institutions, often due to lack of collateral. To date, the programme has benefited over 100 enterprises and achieved a repayment rate of 90 per cent.

Furthermore, the Rössing Foundation has facilitated the establishment of W&F Cleaning Services CC. The enterprise was founded by two employees, Whenzy Hunibes and Felix Kauseua who worked for the previous cleaning, gardening and basic maintenance contractor before the owner retired and disbanded the cleaning company.

The new enterprise entered a performance­based contract with Rössing Foundation and its members are coached and mentored by the Rössing Foundation team.

The enterprise owners also benefited from a two­week business management training organised by NCCI Swakopmund branch and the Swakopmund Municipality.

(Above) Jannie Philander, owner of Kiks Clothing, was assisted with the development of a business plan to grow his business.




The Rössing Foundation, together with a critical stakeholder, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, supported and attended the Ohungu Conservancy Annual General Meeting in which over 70 members participated.

The management committee presented the progress and challenges report to the members. Among the challenges presented were drought, increasing poaching incidents, lack of cash flow, and delay in completion of the community lodge.

A grant application to the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia has been submitted with support from the Foundation team and the outcome is awaited. The grant would assist the conservancy to upgrade water infrastructures, improve wildlife monitoring and accessories for monitoring the conservancy area in order to curb incidents of illegal hunting of wildlife.


(Above) The Ohungu Conservancy’s Annual General Meeting was attended by over 70 members.